Physio training

Are you living a busy live wherein you do not have enough time to exercise? Than personal training at home is something for you! You would be amazed about the numbers of exercises that can be done at home. Because you train at home, the threshold to actually exercise is lower. We come and visit you whenever it suits you. This can be before or after work.

Training with a physiotherapist provides a lower risk of acquiring an injury. A physiotherapist is specialised in assessing these kind of risks. However when complaints do occur, you are in good hands right away. If you have just recovered from an injury, we advise you to keep exercising. And under who his guidance can you better exercise than with a physiotherapist? We adjust our exercise schedule to your physical wellbeing.

  • Because we make use of an exercise app we can help you from a distance
  • We will visit you at location frequently to make goals where we can work towards

We are also specialised in how people can become fit and stay fit in the best way. By composing a training that fits within your training level we can work from there by composing achievable goals.

In this way we create a perfect combination whereby we not only work on preventing injuries but also work on keeping you fit. What would you want more?

Personal training at home

  • We make an exercise schedule that you can follow at home
  • 60 minutes= €75

Personal training in a park

  • In the outside gyms in the park we can use all attributes to guide you as good as possible
  • 60 minutes = €75

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