Triggerpoint massage

what are trigger points?

Trigger points are micro-cramps in muscles. They feel like little hardened buttons. They are present by most of the physiotherapeutic related complaints. Also, when there are no complaints, they can still be present. We call these kind of trigger points latent trigger points. When a trigger point is present and there are also complaints, we call them active trigger points.

Active trigger points can arise from trauma. But they can also arise by adopting the wrong posture.


Physiotherapy and Trigger Point Massage:

Trigger Point Massage is applied to trigger the trigger points. That way they will release less pain. These massages will occur through the use of transverse frictions. We always try to combine treatments with a part hands-on and a part hands-off treatment. Hands-off treatments consist out of exercises that need to be performed. Dry needling can also be used to treat trigger points.

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