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exercise responsible with a physiotherapist

If you exercise under the supervision of a physiotherapist, the chances of acquiring an injury is reduced significantly. A physiotherapist is specialised in assessing this kind of risks. But if there do arise any injuries, you can be treated immediately. If you have just recovered from an injury, we advise you to keep exercising . And with who better than a physiotherapist to guide you? We adapt our exercise schedule to your physical capabilities.

  • Because we use an exercise app, we can help you at a distance
  • We will come visit you frequently and make goals you can work towards.


Personal training at home

  • We make an exercise schedule that you can carry out at home
  • 1 hour = €75

personal training in the park

  • In the gyms in the park, we can make use of all the attributes to guide you towards your goals.
  • 1 hour = €75


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Our therapists

Olivier Boon

  • Owner and founder Fysio2You
  • Likes to play sports: hockey, soccer, tennis, skiing, surfing, running, fitness, ice skating and sailing
  • International physiotherapy experience (Australia)
  • Specialised in dry needling
  • Specialised in the treatment of acute injuries
  • Licensed for home visits
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Jip Lohle

  • General physiotherapeutic treatments
  • Sports and physiotherapy experience with: Tennis, golf, hockey and football.
  • International physiotherapy experience at a rehabilitation clinic in Spain.
  • Osteopath in training.
  • Specialised in the treatment of acute injuries
  • Licensed for home visits.

Niels Tuijl

  • General physiotherapeutic treatments
  • Responsible for own agenda and the corresponding administration of patients on Intramed and Fysioroadmap.
  • Can provide Pilates training
  • Familiar with sports like: Hockey, soccer, tennis, skiing, windsurfing and running
  • Specialised Physiotherapist for treatment at home
  • Specialised in acute physiotherapeutic related injuries
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