Tennis elbow

A tennis elbow or tennis arm is a injury that is very common. It consist of pain/high sensitivity around the elbow. To be precise, on the outside of the inside of the forearm. From here, there is a radiating pain in the direction of the forearm. The muscles that are responsible for stretching the wrist and fingers lie here.

A tennis elbow is caused by a overloading movement. Because a typical movement is made often, the body will signal, in the form of pain, that it does not like this movement. A tennis elbow is not very common in tennis, it can only occur while practising the backhand strike.

A tennis elbow consist of a irritation or inflammation in the tendon. As a result, little cracks form inside the tendon. That is also the reason why this injury can last a long time. Most people suffer a good 9 months from this injury.

Physiotherapy and a tennis elbow?
A tennis elbow is well treatable. But it is a difficult injury which recovery time differs per person. By determining where the injury is located, using massage, dry needling, taping and exercise, we try to treat your injury as soon as possible.

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