Sprained Ankle

A sprained ankle is caused by a sudden twist inwards of the foot. This form is the most common. But it is also possible to get a sprained ankle caused by sudden twist outwards of the foot. With this form, the chances of severe injury are higher. The ligames get stretch or torn. As a result, the ankle will swell up. There is a chance that the ankle is broken. If you can not take a couple of steps, the ankle could be broken. But if you are able to take a couple of steps, the ankle is probably not broken. Therefore, always get your ankle checked out by a specialist. The specialist can decide if a photo/scan is necessary. Do not forget to cool the ankle right away. This way you will counteract the swelling.



Physiotherapy and a sprained ankle:
As soon as you sprain your ankle, you can go to the physiotherapist. First, the physiotherapist will determine if a photo is necessary. If this is not the case, he will recommend to give the ankle 5 days of rest. In this period it is recommend to cool the ankle regularly. Second, the physiotherapist will make a treatment plan. First he will focus on reduction of the swelling, than the recovery of the mobility and at last the training of stability and strength. After recovering of a sprained ankle, the chances of getting one again are higher. That is why good treatment is necessary!

What happens when you sprain your ankle?
If you sprain your ankle, your foot twist inwards or outwards. This can happen by misplacing your foot. When this happens, the ligaments stretch or tear. Also there is a slight change of a fracture. Afterwards the ankle will begin to swell up. If you get treated well, it can take 12 weeks before you can exercise again.

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