Skier’s thumb

A skier’s thumb can occur when you fall while your skiing. When you fall, you will try to catch yourself whereby your thumb ends up under your ski pole. In about 10% of the ski accidents we are dealing with a skier’s thumb. Off course, this injury can also occur while playing ball sports.

A skier’s thumb can cause chronic injury. This can occur by repeatedly stretching the ligament. For example, by constantly making the same move. This way the ligaments will stretch out. As a result, the joint will become unstable. This can result, after a period of time, in extensive wear of the thumb.



In a skier’s thumb, a ligament has been torn or strained on the inside of the thumb. As a result the thumb joint will become unstable. By doing a quick diagnosis, a treatment can be started quickly. This will prevent any aggravation of the injury.

Physiotherapy and skier’s thumb:
The treatment for a skier’s thumb is heavily dependent on the seriousness of the injury. When there is any indication of a fracture, a röntgen photo will be needed. When the ligament has torn or strained, a brace or tape would be used to immobilize the joint. Thereafter, you would need to do some regular exercises.

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