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OrthoDirect, immediately consultation & treatment by an expert (orthopaedic surgeon / traumatology’s):

  1. Quick access to orthopaedic consultation “OrthoDirect”: via website you will receive an appointment proposal directly after registration via the registration form; OrthoDirect is easily accessible online, via email and 06 (office hours)
  2. A thorough / thorough investigation will be done in 30 minutes, with problem-oriented work: anamnesis and physical examination.

– There is ample time with attention to the inventory of the complaint and expectation of the patient.

  1. Problem determines additional diagnostics: ultrasound examination takes place immediately, no separate appointment
  2. Direct treatment plan based on this analysis: treatment plan together with Physiotherapist (FT) / Personal Trainers (PT) who are physically present
  3. Weekly evaluation progress with treatment team
  4. Multiple locations (Amsterdam, Utrecht, Bussum, Haarlem)
  5. Permanent team (FT / PT, orthopaedic surgeon)


– Conservative: main starting point; where possible, conservative treatment plan is chosen (pain relief, RICE principle followed by targeted PT / FT)

– Minimally Invasive: echo-guided infiltration of pain relief and / or anti-inflammatory drugs / Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP), shockwave, Percutanous Electrolyse Therapy, followed by FT / PT.

– If necessary Invasive: operation in an independent treatment certificied clinic, if complex or additional expertise is necessary: ​​referral (in consultation with patient).

– OrthoDirect has an extensive care network so you can always go somewhere where you can get rid of your complaints.

In short, unique points:

  1. No waiting time.
  2. Spacious time with personal attention.
  3. Inventory problem and then focused and functional without time loss.
  4. Multidisciplinary approach.
  5. Extensive treatment options and care network
  6. Ultrasonography immediately during the consultation.
  7. Independent

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