Jumpers Knee

Jumpers knee, also called patella tendinopathie is an irritation of the knee tendon, which is located under the kneecap. Symptoms are:

  • pain when pressure is applied to the underside of the kneecap
  • pain when you contract your quadriceps

In many cases, this arises because the knee tendon is exposed to a load that it cannot handle. This results in irritation, pain and can lead to a swelling on the underside of the kneecap. These complaints can occur in a more serious manner. Also, they can occur while resting.

These complaints often arise while exercising. The name of the injury says it all. It often occurs while practicing sports like volleyball, basketball and korfball. But also in other sports that exposes the knee to a great load. Such as running and walking.

Origination of a Jumpers knee:
The complaints associated with a Jumpers knee are caused by microcracks in the knee tendon. This is caused by the load on the tendon during a heavy training session or other load. Normally, the tendon will heal and become stronger. In the case of a Jumpers knee, the knee did not get enough time to recover. Which results in the damage to the tendon becoming greater after each training session. Which eventually results in a Jumpers knee.

When you have a reduced core-hip stability, you are at greater risk for a jumpers knee. Because of this instability, the knee and the knee tendon are experiencing a greater load than usual. Eventually we try to determine if this is the cause of your injury. We will do this by making things as measurable as possible.

Physiotherapy and a Jumpers knee
To make things as measurable as possible, we look at the status of your basic motor skills. These are: strength, stability, speed, endurance and general coördination. When experiencing a Jumpers knee, there would be a disbalance between left and right in these skills. We try to make this disbalance as measurable as possible and work from there. Based on the information we gather, we would use a combination of hands-on therapy and exercising to treat your injury as quick as possible.

Fysio2You and a Jumpers knee
We will come visit you, to treat your injury. This can be at home or at work. But eventually we would also exercise outside. We can help you the best by working towards your sporty activity.


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