Arthrosis is condition of the joints. Whereby pain and extensive wear occurs inside the joints. This condition is associated with pain, stiffness and changing posture. A deterioration of the quality of the cartilage occurs. This does not result in Arthrosis for everyone. When there is arthrosis present, the joint would become warm, thick and red.

Also, Arthrosis can result in mobility limitations. This occurs as a result of the pain, stiffness and thickness of the joint. Also, the joints with Arthrosis can make a cracking noise. This cracking noise is the result of the change of the cartilage. But cracking sounds do not always mean that you have arthrosis. You should see a physiotherapist, when the cracking is combined with pain.


Physiotherapy and arthrose complaints
The arthrose itself is hard to treat. Because the quality of the joint is already deteriorated. What can be done is easing the pain. This can be done by exercising specific muscle groups so the joint would have to lift a less heavy load. Beside, on the short term, easing the pain can be done by using joint mobilizations.


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