Acute neck pain

It can happen that suddenly you get a whiplash. As a result you can hardly move your neck. Also this is accompanied by pain from the neck. Headaches can accompany this neck pain.

What is happening?
In most cases, whiplash is caused by a muscle that goes into protection mode. This can happen because the M. Trapezius Descendens muscle is continuously carrying the head. The muscle cannot handle the load anymore and therefore locks up completely. This injury is most common among people who make a lot of hours behind their computers.

It is also possible for the injury to cause complaints in the arms and legs. Especially, temporary paralysis of the leg can be scary. Luckily, this does not happen very often. But when this happens, a thorough investigations of the cause of the paralysis is required.

Physiotherapy and acute neck injuries?
In most cases, the muscles are the problem. Therefore the treatment would consist of pain reduction and improvement of the mobility. Thereafter we would focus on a better posture and the training of the right muscles. Because of this the chance of this injury coming back will be reduced.

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