Acute low back pain

Maybe you have heard about. Or maybe you have experienced it yourself. You try to pick something up from the ground or you make a sudden twist with your back and suddenly you sprain your back. And now you are not able to walk, or to move your back.

What is happening?
There are many discussion about what exactly happens in your back when you strain it. For example, there is a discussion about if the wall of the intervertebral disc get touched. What is clear though is that the pain originates from a muscle. And that you lock up this muscle so you cannot move it anymore. This is a protective measure of your back muscle. It usually takes about seven days to recover from this.

As soon as you have acute back pain, you can do the following:

  1. Pull your knees up towards you and go lie on your back.
  2. Try to, carefully, arch your back.
  3. You can take the recommended dose of painkillers.

Fysio2you can apply a couple of techniques to alleviate the pain immediately. As a result you may be able to walk freely around your house again.

As soon as the pain is alleviated, we will move up to strengthening the muscles by exercising. This will minimise the chance of it happening again. During the treatment, we will accompany you intensively.


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