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Do you need to go to the physiotherapist or the masseur, but are you too busy? Than we will come to you! We have several physiotherapists who often can visit you the same day.

We get that when you experience neck complaints due to stiffness during the night, you do not feel like doing all kinds of exercises. You want a skilled person to loosen up your muscles so the rest of your day will be pain free. This, we can arrange for you!

Of course, our physiotherapist have a complete understanding about the human anatomy. Thus, they know exactly which muscles to loosen up in which situations. Because the massage is being done by an physiotherapist, you are in good and safe hands. Also we can estimate what massage at home could do for you. Also, we would do a screening to make sure there are not any other injuries or complaints present. We apply two different forms of massage: Trigger point massage and sport massage.

We are mobile, which means we not only visit people at home, but also at their office or hotel. As long as we can fold out our treatment table and the necessary privacy is present, we can work anywhere. This way, we can provide you the most ideal service.

At the office, due to long work days, your muscles can tighten up. Beside, stress can also cause increased muscle tension. Also, after a flight, muscles can become tight. Therefore, it is desirable to let a physiotherapist loosen up the muscles from time to time.


The goal of a sport massage is to let more blood flow through the muscle. This way, the waste products can be processed. Also, it is used to keep the muscles flexible for day to day use. This can  be applied before or after any sport performance. Also, sport massage is used to prevent any injuries. During any physiotherapy treatment, sport massage can be a part of the treatment.

How does sport massage work?

During a sport massage, our physiotherapist will apply a firm massage. The connective tissue will be massaged lose and a good amount of pressure will be applied to the muscles. Also, we will search for trigger points. But these will be massaged more shallow than by a trigger point massage.

When do I need an sport massage?

It is advised to often let your muscles be massaged when you exercise frequently. Because of this, you would keep your muscles flexible and you may even notice an increased performance. Also, in a period of training for a triathlon or a marathon, frequent massages are advised. Furthermore, our daily lives are also a sport, so everyone would benefit by receiving a sport massage frequently.




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