Olivier Boon

Hello, I am Olivier Boon, the owner and founder of Fysio2You. I rounded of my education for physiotherapist in 2016 at the ‘Thim van der Laan internationale hogeschool voor Fysiotherapie’. My main reason for studying Physiotherapy is my endless interest in sports, but also my passion for coaching other people in physical and sportive skills. The international academy has given me a lot of space concerning my development at other subjects. For example, as a developing physiotherapist, I have gotten a 20-week internship in Sydney at ‘Rouse Hill Physiotherapy & Sport Injuries’. Here, I have gotten the incredible experience of working for the professional baseball team called the ‘Sydney Blue Sox Baseball’. I have aided this team while they were travelling through the whole of Australia to play competitions. I am very glad to have followed this internship. Australia is, as it happens, a leader on the physiotherapeutic knowledge front.

Besides these sportive experiences I have also orientated myself in a few other specializations. For example, I have specialized myself in the following complaints:

  • Apoplexy complaints

  • COPD complaints

  • muscular and joint complaints caused by repeated burdening

I also have experience with differing revalidation trajects. For example, the revalidation after a shoulder operation or the recovery after a front ligament operation, sprained ankles, knee- and burdening injuries. I am aiming to keep myself up-to-date and orientated on the different subjects of physiotherapy. This causes me to be able to help you out with your problem with good skill, enthusiasm and extended knowledge on the matter.

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