Physiotherapy Rotterdam

Physiotherapy Rotterdam

With Fysio2You we deliver physiotherapy on location throughout Rotterdam. we are equipped with a fold-out physio table and try to help you as soon as possible. We can help you regularly but also urgently if you have acute complaints. These can be neck and shoulder complaints. Or when you have sprained your ankle or thrown out your back.

We have several physiotherapists at our disposal so that we can act quickly and provide you with the right care.


Fysio2You can also come to your hotel and urgently provide your guests with treatment. We often see people who go through their backs or who can no longer move their necks. Think of people who are on a business trip, but also tourists who have had a long flight. We come to your hotel with a fold-out physio table and provide your guest with the best service on location.


Performance Guys

In collaboration with Performance Guys, we started Fysio2You in Rotterdam. Through this collaboration, we can provide you with physiotherapy at home and in the clinic.


Fysio2you specializes in providing physiotherapy to companies. In Amsterdam, we already help many employees of large and small companies. As a result, we prevent absenteeism from work and stimulate the appreciation of employees towards their employer.

Physiotherapy At home Rotterdam

We mainly deliver physiotherapy at home in Rotterdam, but also in other cities such as Amsterdam. Because we come to your home, our treatment is much more effective than in practice. We can see what is causing your complaint. We can inspect your workplace and thus also offer a targeted long-term solution.

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