Physiotherapy at home Loosdrecht

Fysiotherapie at home, Loosdrecht

Dear residents of Loosdrecht. Now, Fysio2You is active in your neighbourhood. Now, you can order an physiotherapist who will come to your desired location as soon as possible. We aim to provide treatment the same day. We will help everybody who will get a benefit out of a physiotherapeutic treatment at home. Because there are a many people who can not leave their house due to circumstances.



Also there are people who are too busy to visit the physiotherapist, but who do have injuries. Fysio2You is always available for these people. We treat elderly, students and kids. We are equipped with the newest treatment methods. When we visit you at home, we will bring the required materials with us. Such as a treatment table, measurement tools and test materials. Aside visiting homes we also visit offices. If you have any questions, please contact us. We exist to service you and to help you treat your injuries as quickly as possible

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